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Hi! I'm Jess and I have wanted to be a tattoo artist just about my whole life! Since I was about 12 years old. My goal is to specialize in anime and color tattoos.

Growing up, the first things I remember drawing were anime characters. Whether they were from anime I watched or just faries I pieced together from teh "how to draw Manga" books I collected. I went to a technical school for art where anime was not seen as a *real* form of art, and I was never allowed to practice it. During those years, I really became interested in realism. After graduating, I even started doing commissions for pet portraits and people portraits. I thought for sure I was going to be a realism tattoo artist! BUT color and anime really have just started calling my name again. My favorite anime of all time is Naruto! 

Outside of tattooing, I'm a bit of a gym rat and am addicted to any form of health and fitness knowledge .I love anything to do with animals. I have two cats that are the loves of my life and two bearded dragons. Nature and the outdoors are my favorite things. I love to go on adventures to find new hiking spots and just be outside especially on a sunny day. I enjoy traveling and I recently took a road trip to Montana, which now has me determined to go somewhere I've never been before at least once a year.



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