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These are some of the most important questions we get asked. Please take a few minutes to read these. It will help you better prepare for your upcoming appointment.  


  • Cash is always preferred. There is an ATM located across the street and the Royal Farms down their street has ATM's with no fees. We do also take cards, but our system chargers a 4% processing fee. 


  • Will be used towards the price of your tattoo.

  • If your tattoo will take more than one session the booking fee will come off of the price of the final sitting.

  • Deposits are nonrefundable.

  • If you do not show up for your appointment, or do not give one week notice that you need to reschedule, or if you are more than 15 minutes late your booking fee could be forfeited. You will have to provide another to reschedule your appointment. In cases of repeat offenders you may be charged a larger booking fee next time.


Scheduling Appointments


  • Please be sure when scheduling that your appointment date doesn’t interfere with any family vacations or events that you may have forgotten about.

  • Do not schedule an appointment within two weeks of plans to go swimming or submerging your tattoo in any body of water.

  • Re-scheduling an appointment should only be used  in case of an emergency, or for reasons that are completely out of your hands. Even with as much as a week's notice, it’s sometimes difficult to fill spots when people cancel or reschedule

  • If you plan to do any strenuous or abnormal activities following the first few weeks of your tattoo, please consult us  first. We have excellent advice to give you and can help you protect your tattoo.

  • We can't accommodate children under the age of 13 in the shop. If you have children, you will have to make arrangements for them. 




  • Wear sunscreen. If it’s summertime and you’re going to be outside or even sometimes just driving in the car, sunburn is always a possibility. I am  unable to tattoo skin that is sunburned.  If you show up with a sunburn you will need to reschedule.  It’s very important that you protect your skin.

  • Exfoliate and moisturize. This will help prepare your skin to be tattooed it will make my job easier it will allow the tattoo to heal better and look nicer overall once it is healed.

  • Please shower before you come in. You may think we  don’t have to say this,  but you would be surprised! The area should be clean and we always appreciate it if you don’t smell like you just crawled out of a dumpster (haha). Also, please don’t douse yourself self in perfume or cologne before you come in.

  • Eat an hour before your appointment time. When you get tattooed, you will  typically get an adrenaline rush. Once that rush is over your blood sugar drops and if you haven’t eaten,  you will most definitely get dizzy, sick, or pass out. We keep lollipops  and  candy on hand in case of these situations but it’s always best to prepare yourself by eating something small before you come in. Having a drink on hand is also helpful. If you have a history of fainting or getting sick when having blood drawn or getting shots, that is something you should let us know prior to getting tattooed so we can look for the signs. This is a pretty normal occurrence so we  are  very experienced in  handling it. Not telling  us  that you’re feeling bad, will not make it go away, it will just make it worse. So if, at any time during the tattooing process you start feeling weird, tell  us.


  • You will need a State issued photo ID in order to get tattooed. 


  • Please wear appropriate clothing. Loose-fitting, stretchy clothing is best for areas that are harder to reach.  Consider  wearing  a  button  down  shirt  for  turning  it  around  to  reach  areas  on  the  back,  tube  tops  are  great  for  chest  pieces. 

  • For longer appointments feel free to bring comfort items like a small  pillow,  or  small  blanket,  headphones and music, a book.

  • Post-Appointment please follow the instructions you are given only, and contact us with any questions. 

  • Keep your tattoo out of the sun, no tanning beds or direct sunlight for at least two weeks. After that, use SPF 50+ to keep the sun from fading your tattoo.

  • No Soaking. No swimming, baths, or hot-tubs for the first two weeks. Showers are fine, just don't submerge your tattoo.

  • Please do not take advice from your friends. We have years of experience and knowledge about our profession.  

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to call or text 717-634-5685 or email

  • If  at  any  time,  you  are  concerned  of  infection  please  contact  your  doctor.

During Your Appointment

What's New:

The tattoo area is now located on the second floor. If you are unable to use stairs, please call us ahead of your appointment so we can set up our station on the first floor for you.


We wanted to give you a heads up on all the things you will need to know for your upcoming appointment. We will have a few new procedures in place to ensure the safety of our clients and ourselves.

Need to Know:

If your piece is a larger size, we advise you to take a short break every hour. Anyone can sit for one hour right? It's mostly psychological. Please get a good night's rest before the day of your appointment and eat a large meal of low GI foods such as rice, muesli, etc. We also have a drink and snack station at your disposal. This is so your blood sugar stays at an optimal level for us to continue tattooing without anyone becoming fidgety, shaky, or cranky. If you do all of these simple steps this ensures that we can keep tattooing for four to five hours happily and easily!


  • Our space is small, so we won’t be able to accommodate more than one guest accompanying our clients, so please plan accordingly.

  • We can't accommodate children under the age of 13 in the shop during your appointent.

  • Park in the community lot by Club 2000 at 28 East Walnut Street. It is metered parking. The silver meters allow for up to 12 hours. Yellow meters are maximum time for 2.5 hours. From there the shop is just a short walk away. 

  • We prefer clients do not show up any earlier than 10 minutes prior to appointment time.

  • Our shop assistant will meet you at the door with paperwork for you to fill out while you're waiting.

  • Please thoroughly read the release forms and aftercare instructions you will be given after your appointment.


If you have any questions or concerns about our new procedures, please feel to reach out. We’ll see you soon!

~The Blue Bird Crew

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