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Hi! My name is Jill Stitcher and I'm the resident Piercer here at Blue Bird Tattoo Studio! I grew up in Hampstead, MD. I started working at Blue Bird as a Shop Assistant, and slowly after a year+ of hard work, I was given the amazing opportunity to take a Piercing Apprenticeship I went to Orange City, Florida to apprentice at the very same shop our boss lady Missi learned to tattoo!


I studied under my mentor Tom who has been piercing for 11 years! I'm so excited to continue my piercing journey here at a shop I love, with the added bonus of working with my friends! Outside of work, you can find me spending time with my loud-mouthed Cat, making my fourth or fifth cup of coffee, working on taxidermy, making jewelry, customizing skate decks, hiking, camping, painting, or going to local shows and supporting my favorite bands!


I'm happy to be in an industry where I get to help others gain more self-confidence and self-love by piercing them in the safest, and most efficient way with the best quality jewelry and supplies! After all "the noblest art is the art of making others happy"- T.T. Barnum 


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