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Our second book in the Bound By Art Collection! It’s no secret, that we LOVE Christmas around here, so we are fully prepared to obnoxiously spread our Christmas cheer with this collection of Christmas themed tattoo flash, featuring recreations of all your favorite Christmas Movie Classics (and some non traditional Christmas movies) by 25 different tattooers! Every page in this 26 page book is perforated for easy removal. So you can frame and display any of them for the holiday season, or if you’re like me ALL YEAR LONG! Artists: Missi Blue Brissa Renee Beth Mundorff Wes Morris Fain Douleur Katie Ecklund Sadie Bartch Brittany Arizona Corin Webb Babin Skylar Rose Ash Joseph Dameetra Davis Azha Steve Hate Shana Hall Alice Quinn Ashley Nicola Shannon Young Mossiael Burgos Dan Abner Bettye Crochet

Christmas Tattoo Flash Book

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